The Foundation of Haydel Family Practice Has Lasted Generations

In 1929, Henry Lawrence Haydel moved to Houma and started a medical clinic in the back of his brother’s pharmacy. He had just finished his medical internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Several years went by and Dr. H.L., as he was best known, soon out-grew his clinic. In order to accommodate his patients, he purchased a home on Barrow Street in downtown Houma and outfitted it as a medical facility.
After practicing solo for several years, he invited other medical professionals to join him, including dentists, psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and orthodontists. His passion for healthcare extended to his personal home where he set up after hours and weekend clinics under his carport for patients who needed service.
Dr. H.L. and his wife, Judith Ayme, had eleven children (6 boys and 5 girls).  All the children where raised and educated in the Houma region with all of the girls growing up to become educators and all of the boys pursuing medical careers. Three of the boys ended up joining H.L.’s practice, Dr. Jerry in general surgery, and Drs. Dicky and Tommy as general practitioners.
Practicing medicine up until his death at age 75, Dr. H.L.’s legacy continues to survive through the 3rd and 4th generations of Haydel doctors… who proudly following in his footsteps. Currently Dr. Richard Haydel, his son Dr. Scott Haydel (third generation) along with Dr. Lisa Black and Dr. James Matthew Watkins (fourth generation), provide the community with quality healthcare at Haydel Family Practice.
Our experienced physicians seek to be the leader in quality, compassionate, and comprehensive medical care to the surrounding tri-parish area. With four doctors and 25 support staff, Haydel Family Practice consistently looks forward to providing the best medicine in town!!!
Dr. Henry Lawrence Haydel Dr. H. L.